Commissioner's Office


The Commissioners have resumed their in-person meetings.
They are held at 9:30  a.m., every Tuesday morning in the Commissioner 's Conference Room,
15 S. Court Street, 2nd floor Annex Building .

The Zoom link is provided for viewing of the Meeting only. 
Commissioner Meeting Zoom Link    

Athens County Commissioners
15 South Court Street  - 2nd Floor - Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.592.3219
Fax:        740.594.8010
Lenny Eliason, President              Email:
Chris Chmiel, Vice President      Email:
Charlie Adkins                               Email:
JoAnn Rockhold, Clerk                 Email: 

Attracting jobs. Leading workforce development
County Commissioners today are key players in bringing new businesses and industries to their communities, and keeping established employers from moving away. This means creating environments favorable for business growth and development using tax incentives and infrastructure planning tools more aggressively than ever before. Welfare reform, with the responsibility it gives counties to move unemployed Ohioans into jobs, also has put County Commissioners out front in local employment training and workforce development efforts. 
Protecting children. Stabilizing families. Making welfare reform work.
County Commissioners now have the lead responsibility for delivering the bulk of human service that adults and children receive from government, and doing so with limited funding from Columbus and Washington D.C. In particular, this means making welfare reform work.
Counties now must meet state-set benchmarks for moving unemployed residents into jobs. Welfare reform also means subsidizing child care and health care for recipients, even after they find jobs. All of this comes in addition to counties ongoing responsibility for overseeing and funding alcohol, drug abuse and mental health services, enforcing child support orders, protecting abused and neglected children, and administering food stamps.
Protecting the environment
Environmental protection measures that affect the everyday lives of most Ohioans fall under the responsibility of County Commissioners. Ensuring safe drinking water and administering sewage treatment plants are responsibilities of even the smallest counties. In 1988, counties were given lead responsibilities for achieving state solid waste (trash) management goals. Counties are also heavily involved in such diverse efforts as industrial site cleanup and consumer recycling.
The Athens County Commissioners also oversee the Athens County Water and Sewer District.