Athens County Government 

Athens County, Ohio


We offer access to a number of Athens County government agencies--an alternative to phone calls, waiting in lines and trips to our offices. We hope it will provide greater levels of access, convenience, and service. 

Athens County is named for Athens, Greece and was established in 1805. The U.S. Census Bureau reports the county population to be 64,681.

Athens County is located in the heart of the Hocking Hills of Southeast Ohio, in the Appalachian region of the state. Home to Ohio University and Hocking College, the international influence of these schools, together with our Appalachian heritage create a diverse and rich community. Added to the mix is the scenic natural beauty of the region, as well as the variety of historical and recreational opportunities. Athens County is a wonderful place to live or to visit!

Spanning east to west across the county are U.S. Routes 33 and 50 and State Routes 32, 56 and 550. State Route 32 is also called the Appalachian Highway. State Routes 13, 144, 329, 681 and 691 run north and south. The county seat is in the City of Athens

Elected Officials Title Term of Office
Lenny Eliason County Commissioner 01.01.11 - 12.31.14
Chris Chmiel County Commissioner 01.03.13 - 01.02.17
Charlie Adkins County Commissioner 01.02.13 - 01.01.17
Jill A. Thompson County Auditor 03.12.11 - 03.08.15
Bill Bias County Treasurer 08.31.13 - 09.04.17
Keller J. Blackburn Prosecuting Attorney 01.07.13 - 01.06.17
R. Jeff Maiden County Engineer 01.07.13 - 01.06.17
Jessica Markins County Recorder 01.07.13 - 01.06.17
Harold Thompson County Coroner 01.07.13 - 01.06.17
Ann C. Trout Clerk of Courts 01.07.13 - 01.06.17
L. Alan Goldsberry Common Pleas Court Judge 02.09.09 - 02.08.15
George P. McCarthy Common Pleas Court Judge †05.28.13 - 12.31.16
Robert W. Stewart Probate/Juvenile Court Judge 02.09.09 - 02.08.15
Patrick Kelly County Sheriff  01.05.13 - 01.06.17

†Appointment of Vacated Seat