Other Forms

Use the Athens County records center forms below to manage your departments records.

Form A-1: Inventory List
Use the inventory list form to document the records within a box before being transferred to the records center. Only one media type per inventory list/box. Place the inventory list in the top of the box and attached a copy to the Transfer of Documents Form.

Form A-2: Transfer of Documents
Complete the transfer of documents form to move records to the records center.
Please note: The records center reserves the right to turn away records not housed in the appropriate record center box OR if a copy of the inventory list is not included with the transfer form.

Review these Instructions for additional information on transferring your departments records.

Form A-3: Department / Office Records Request
Use the Form A-3 link to complete a department records request. Only County Department's can use this link. For all public records request use the Form A-4 link.

Form A-4: Public Records Request
To complete a public records request use the Form A-4 link.

Form A-5: Records Disposal
This form is to completed for records that are ready to be disposed of that are listed on the RC-2 that do not require an RC-3. Review your departments RC-2 to monitor your records series retention period.

Form A-6: Shredding Certification
For documents that are confidential that are not listed on your departments RC-2 your department may complete the Shredding Certification Form for the records center to proper destroy these records.
Please note: Even documents that need to be shredded must be placed in the appropriate records center boxes.