Athens County Recorder
Jessica Markins
Phone: 740.592.3228
Fax: 740.592.3229
15 S. Court Street | Room 236 | Athens, OH 45701

Real property records in Athens County are available from 1790 to present in the Recorder's Office. Alphabetical indices of all recorded documents for Athens County are available from 1790 to present. The Recorder's Office records all documents which convey an interest in real estate, as well as Veterans Discharge (DD214). Financing statements which secure liens on real estate are filed in the Recorder's Office.

When researching real estate title, history and genealogy the Recorder's Office is an important resource. Staff will not perform searches, but will be available to offer assistance.

All documents to be recorded must be prepared and executed according to provisions set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.

Basic Recording fees are $34.00 for the first two pages and $8.00 for each additional printed page thereafter; $4.00 for each marginal notation/reference. A complete fee schedule is available at Ohio Recorders.

Please note that Ohio House Bill 525 went into effect July 1, 2009. This law establishes standardization guidelines that must be met, with few exceptions, for all recorded documents. If the document does not meet the set guidelines it may be recorded for an additional $20.00 fee. Please feel free to contact the Athens County Recorder's Office with any questions concerning this law. You may also choose to visit Ohio Recorders for details as well as a useful template outlining the requirements.

Effective July 1, 2001 only UCCs relating to real estate will be filed with the County Recorder. All other personal property filings must be filed with the Secretary of State. Filings are $12.00 plus $4.00 for each name to be indexed. Terminations are $12.00. Searches are $20.00 plus $2.00 per page for any copies requested.

Copies of all recorded documents may be purchased for $2.00 per page. Certified copies are $2.00 per page plus a $1.00 certification fee. O.R.C. 317.32(B)(I)

Fax copies are $2.00 per page for local fax and $4.00 per page for long distance fax. O.R.C. 317.32(J)

Athens County land records are available on the Internet at AvaWeb . Documents may be viewed and printed from the site at no cost to the user.

Contact the Ohio Recorders' Association for a directory of Ohio County Recorders, the schedule of fees and frequently asked questions for each individual county.