Emergency Notification Services

Outdoor warning sirens

The Athens County Outdoor Warning Siren System consists outdoor warning sirens and are meant to inform you of a possible emergency if you are outside. The sirens are activated simultaneously for an emergency.

The Outdoor Warning Sirens are part of an emergency system designed to provide immediate and valuable information to citizens. If you hear the sirens while you are outside, please go inside and seek shelter immediately; turn on your television or radio for further instructions.Whelen Hornet Siren N

Please do not call 9-1-1 or other emergency numbers for information; call only if you are reporting a life-threatening situation.

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Severe Weather
When the National Weather Service initiates a Tornado Warning for the Nelsonville area.

When the National Weather Service initiates a Severe Thunderstorm Warning (winds 58+ mph, large hail, severe lightening and heavy rains).

When a public safety official or trained storm-spotter sights an active funnel cloud, tornado or severe thunderstorm (winds 58+ mph, large hail, severe lightening and heavy rains) in the Nelsonville Area

When Athens County 9-1-1 receives credible reports of damage or the imminent threat of sustained winds equal to or greater than 58 mph.

Know the Warning

Enemy or Terrorist Attack

This means that an actual enemy or terrorist attack against the United States has been detected and is threatening a local jurisdiction and protective action should be taken immediately. The attack warning shall be repeated as often as deemed necessary by local government authorities to obtain the required response by the population.

Public Safety Emergency Occurs
The public safety emergency warning may be used as authorized by the local incident commander to alert the public of emergencies such as hazardous materials incidents and civil disturbances. The alert warning shall be repeated as often as deemed necessary by the local incident commander to obtain the required response by the population.

What to do if you hear the siren
1. DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 to ask why the sirens are sounding as this can overload the 9-1-1 emergency response system.

2. Remember, outdoor warning sirens are just that, out-door warning. The sirens are meant to be heard outside to signal you to go indoors and tune your radio or television station to the local Emergency Alert System (EAS) Station. As homes continue to become more energy efficient and sound proofing enhanced, outdoor warning sirens that once could be heard decades ago inside of a home can no longer be heard. That’s why other means of warning are in place.

3. Go immediately to a safe area in your home or building, if high winds, severe thunder and lightning are present.

4. If you are outside away from possible shelter, lie flat on the ground away from trees until the storm passes. If in a vehicle, get out and find a more substantial structure.

5. Carry a battery operated radio or NOAA all hazard alert radio to your safe area. You will know when the storm has passed and when it is clear to leave your safe area.

6. ATHENS COUNTY’S SIRENS DO NOT identify specific types of storms, therefore you should immediately seek shelter and tune to local television or radio for further information.

Hyper-reach: athens county emergency notification system
HyperReach 1

Hyper-Reach is the mass notification system for Athens County. It is important to make sure you have the information you need to stay safe and protected. Sign up today to receive emergency alerts!

5 Ways to Sign Up:

  1. Scan QR Code        HyperReach
  2. Go to:
  3. Call: 740-762-6165
  4. Text "alerts" to 740-762-6165
  5. Tell your Alexa unit "Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach"
Download the free Hyper-Reach Anywhere app on the App Store or on Google Play!

If you are receiving multiple calls and text messages and wish to change how you are alerted, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to:

  2. Complete the sign-up form
  3. In step 3 choose the notification method you prefer
    • If you want SMS Text Messaging only under Type: select Cellular/Mobile Phone
    • Enter your phone number
    • Select Voice Only, Text Msg Only Voice and Text, or None under Community Alerts
    • Select Voice Only, Text Msg Only Voice and Text, or None Weather Alerts. When selecting None Weather Alerts  you will will only receive Tornado Warning alerts for in the area.
  1. Add another number or email if needed
  2. Submit

Experiencing issues? have questions?

Contact the Athens County Emergency Management Agency:
Phone:  740-594-2261