Coroner - Copy

County Coroner
Carl Ortman, M.D.

Phone: 740.517.0870
Fax: 740.764.4090
278 West Union St. | Athens, OH 45701

Coroner’s Office Staff
Ben Ashcraft, Director

For Coroner reports and/or autopsy reports,
please contact the Athens County Clerk Of Courts Office

1 S. Court Street | 4th Floor | Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone: 740.592.3242

Death Certificates
Contact the Athens City-County Health Department
278 W. Union Street | Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone: 740.592.4431

For information on cases not yet completed, call the office and leave a message or contact the appropriate law
enforcement agency.

Autopsies can take up to four months to complete due to extensive lab work and studies.