Athens Common Pleas Court Local Rules - Proposed Amendments and Additions


I spoke with David Mott who chairs the subcommittee reviewing the local rules which include e-filing.  He indicates folks have had issues with broken links provided in electronic service notices by Courtview.  I have delayed imposition of the local rules from August 1, 2020 until further notice until we can address this issue.

Courtview has now identified the issue of a user's network not being set to identify DNS address automatically.  
So I believe we have fixed our broken link issue.   It can have to do with how each computer is configured in your network.  Courtview installed an update and advised that users need to make sure they have TCP/IvP4 enabled in their network configuration to correct the problem.  
Our computers having issues were not set to obtain the "DNS Server address" automatically. Once this option was chosen our issues with broken links has resolved.   
For those who do not have an IT person to do it for them, the steps are listed below.  For clarity I also provide a link below for the steps with pictures. 

To set your computer netword to identify DNS address automatically:

1. Right click on the computer in the right hand corner of your screen (If you hover over and it says YOUR Network name and/or internet access)
2. Click Open Network and Internet Settings
3. Click on Change adapter options
4. Right Click Local Area Connection
5. Click on Properties 
6. Double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties
7. The bottom option should be selected to Obtain DNS Server address automatically.  

Click here to see instructions with pictures. 

- Judge George McCarthy


This is a public notice.  The Athens Common Pleas Court is accepting public comment for amendments to the Athens Common Pleas Court Local Rules which includes rules for electronic filing recently implemented by the Athens County Common Pleas Clerk of Courts.  Letter re Athens Common Pleas Local Rules 
Below are  proposed final versions of:
Generally, for the local rules I've combined the last 14 years of amendments into a single document.  There are some proposed changes to bring them current as well.  The highlighted areas and strikeouts are proposed changes in the local rules.  At the end I suggest the addition of Rule 33 which adopts the clerks table of fees for any costs not specifically set forth in the local rules.   
The electronic filing rules are new to address the addition of e-filing which has been added to the clerk's filing system in 2019. 
The attached are submitted for comment through July 25, 2020 at 
Thank you. 

Judge George P. McCarthy
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